Who collaborated in the development?


This project is co-funded project by QREN, Mais Centro - Programa Operacional Regional do Centro and European Commission - European Regional Development Fund - project nr CENTRO-07-0202-FEDER-022839.


This application was developed with the speech therapist João Canossa, based on his research master degree in the area of emotional education, to promote the long term changes for learning to read and write, emotional regulation and enhancement of emotional literacy in school context. This empirical basis combines emotional literacy, accessible communication and technology.

Oscar Feels is being tested with several portuguese and brazilian institutions, among which:

  • APPACDM - Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Mentally Disabled Citizen of Coimbra
  • APPDA - Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism of Coimbra
  • Garcia Orta Hospital 
  • UERJ - Rio de Janeiro State University

These partnerships are perfect settings to test the application in real life environments, allowing us to improve and work on new features, thus offering access to a large network of knowledge and sharing. 

Who is it for?

This software is intended for regular education teachers, special educations teachers, speech and occupational therapists, psychologist (clinical and educational), educational psychologists, socio-cultural animators, families (adults and children with/without special needs).

Can I buy a tablet with Oscar Feels installed?

Yes! The tablet we sell has the following characteristics:

Tablet Android BQ Edison 2

Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean | Cortex A9 Quad Core a 1,6GHz |2 GB DDR3 memory RAM | 32GB internal memory | 10,1'' | WiFi | Front camera VGA | Camera back 2 MP


This option is only available for Portugal.


What are the fundamental concepts of Oscar Feels application?

The Oscar Feels result from a project of academic research where the basic concepts of emotional literacy and social skills are explored in a dynamic, simple and structured way, using adapted stories and access communication strategies in order to make the traditionally complex and subjective concepts, accessible and integrated into the emotional world of personal relationships.

What are the main features of Oscar Feels?

Oscar Feels is an application to learn how to understand and deal with emotions. It is especially designed for children with autism spectrum disorders and it is a tool for promoting emotional literacy and social skills.

Through stories that portray a day in the life of Oscar, the four basic emotions - happiness, sadness, anger and fear - are explored, using a wide range of activities adapted to children with special needs, following a structured program for training emotional literacy. All activities shall be conducted on an ongoing interaction between the adult and the child. Each session ends with a homework (PDF) e-mailed directly from the application. It is crucial to include parents, who have an important role in the growth of the emotional intelligence of their children.

What is expected from this application?

With Oscar Feels, is expected to achieve as results an evolution of the level of emotional literacy and social skills of the users and, at the same time, more confidence of the tutors involved to promote the emotional growth of the children. Additional benefits can be achieved at the level of the development of oral language, the learning of reading and writing, emotional regulation, school inclusion, parental involvement in the education of children and a better understanding by the different educational agents of the relevance of emotional literacy in school context.

Wich symbols are used in Oscar Feels?

This application includes a set of almost 500 colored symbols.

This symbols library was specifically adapted to this App. They intend to have a clear structure and little detail, in order to reduce visual clutter.

Where can I find Oscar Feels instructions for use?

You can access the manual inside the application or download it in the this website Docs tab.

We recommend reading the manual so you can better understand the concepts underlying Oscar Feels.